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Shubham Bhardwaj
Rajeshwar Verma
Romil Sharma
Rahul Solakhia


Pharmacovigilance refers to the process of identifying, detecting, and responding to drug safety issue and has witnessed dynamic advancements in pharmaceutical industries throughout the world. The main objective of pharmacovigilance is to extend the safety monitoring and to detect any ADRs that previously got unrecognized in evolution during clinical trial. ADRs monitoring is required for each medicine throughout its lifecycle which includes early stage of drug design, clinical trials, and post marketing surveillance. The emerging trend in pharmacovigilance is to link the pre marketing data with the data collected during post marketing phase that include safety information. India is a vast country with population of over 1.32 Billion with different social economics status, different patterns of disease prevalence it becomes more important to have a standardized and robust pharmacovigilance. Pharmacists, as doctor remark that their involvement may increase the reporting rate and have a greater role to play in the area of pharmacovigilance

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Bhardwaj S, Verma R, Sharma R, Solakhia R. PHARMACOVIGILANCE: DYNAMICS IN INDIAN PHARMA INDUSTRY. IJPBR [Internet]. 31Mar.2018 [cited 26Sep.2020];6(01):30-3. Available from:
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