Matrix tablet: a review

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D. Prakash Chandra
R. Archana
B. Vinoda
S. Jakir Hussen
A. Aejaj
S. Parveen


In order to achieve the therapeutic purpose, the choice of the most suitable delivery route is of indisputable importance. Therefore, certain factors must be taken into consideration when delivering a active substance, namely its own properties, the disease to be diagnosed and the desired beneficial time. The active substances can be directly to the target tissue or organ or can be delivered by systemic routes.

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Chandra D, Archana R, Vinoda B, Hussen S, Aejaj A, Parveen S. Matrix tablet: a review. IJPBR [Internet]. 30Jun.2018 [cited 5Aug.2020];6(02):18-2. Available from:
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