Phyto-chemical and therapeutic briefing of Kigelia africana (Lam.) Benth

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Asheesh Kumar Gupta
Anurekha Jain


The present study reveals the medicinal uses, chemical composition and examines recent investigations on the therapeutic activity of extracts and chemicals identified from Kigelia africana. The article also presents some of the functions of the chemicals present and attempt to emphasize and create an awareness of the great potential of Kigelia Africana. The present review highlights the plant profile, traditional uses as anticancer, antiulcer, anti-aging, antioxidant, and antimalarial and also as genital infections, gynaecological disorders, renal ailments, fainting, epilepsy, sickle-cell anaemia, psoriasis, eczema, central nervous system depression, respiratory ailment, leprosy, worm infestation, athlete’s foot, and various cosmetic preparations, etc., the chemical constituents such as iridoids, naphthaquinones, fatty acids, norviburtinal, sterols, lignans, terpenoid, and flavonoids, etc., and various pharmacological activities of K. Africana (Lam.) Benth. Examined by various modern scientific researches and from the results of some potent phytoconstituents, this plant has great potential to be developed as drug by pharmaceutical industries for medicinal uses after clinical trials are to be made.

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Gupta A, Jain A. Phyto-chemical and therapeutic briefing of Kigelia africana (Lam.) Benth. IJPBR [Internet]. 31Mar.2019 [cited 5Mar.2024];7(01):14-2. Available from:
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