Solubility EnhancementTechniques forPoorly Soluble Pharmaceuticals: A Review

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Jyoti Gupta
Anjana Devi


Among newly discovered chemical entities about 40% drugs are hydrophobic which are failed to reach market due to their low aqueous solubility. For orally administered drugs solubility is one of the rate limiting parameter to achieve their desired concentration in systemic circulation for pharmacological response.Drug efficacy can be limited due to poor aqueous solubility and some drugs also show side effects like gastric irritation, peptic ulcers,due to their poor solubility. Because of solubility problem of many drugs the bioavailability of them gets affected and hence solubility enhancement becomes challenging. The present review is devoted to various traditional and novel techniques for enhancing drug solubility to reduce the percentage of poorly soluble drug candidates eliminated from the new formulation development.

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Gupta J, Devi A. Solubility EnhancementTechniques forPoorly Soluble Pharmaceuticals: A Review. IJPBR [Internet]. 30Jun.2019 [cited 8Aug.2020];7(02):09-6. Available from:
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