Micro evolution of bitter taste domain drugs

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Shivangi Bhardwaj
V. J. Shukla
C. R. Harisha
Switu Jani


Ayurveda classified the drugs in various ways and one of which the classification is based on Rasa (taste) dominancy. Rasa is essential to identify drugs and to know its therapeutic application. In this study the drug has been selected according to Charaka classification of Tikta Rasa (bitter taste) drugs with an aim to find out the similar characters among all the drugs having bitter Rasa dominancy. Till date there is no data available regarding the pharmacognostical evaluation in concern bitter taste. For the first time selected five bitter drugs are subjected to various pharmacognostical evaluation, result reveals that Organoleptic characters of all five drugs give bitter taste, microscopic evaluation revealed that presence of starch grain, vessels, fiber , brown content are dominant in all five raw drug and all the five powder subjected to alkaloid test by using dragondroff reagent and give positive result for alkaloids

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Bhardwaj S, Shukla V, Harisha C, Jani S. Micro evolution of bitter taste domain drugs. IJPBR [Internet]. 30Sep.2014 [cited 26Sep.2020];2(03):65-2. Available from: http://ijpbr.in/index.php/IJPBR/article/view/844
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