Assesment of Roles and Responsibilities of ASHA workers in Bijapur taluk of Karnataka

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Shashank K J
M M Angadi


The discourse on the ASHA's role centres around three typologies - ASHA as an activist, ASHA as a link worker or facilitator, and ASHA as a community level health care provider. She will counsel women on birth preparedness, importance of safe delivery, breastfeeding and complementary feeding, immunization, contraception and prevention of common infections including Reproductive Tract Infection/Sexually Transmitted Infection (RTIs/STIs) and care of the young child. A cross sectional study was done on 132 ASHA workers selected from 5 random PHCs in Bijapur taluk. Data was collected in a prestructured proforma using interview technique from June to October, 2012. Most of the ASHA workers were not aware about the newer roles and responsibilities been implied on them under various national programmes including the immunization guidelines and schedule. All the ASHA workers were aware about the performance based incentive for the their work in the community and its their right to claim that incentive. Under the cascade model of training to the ASHA, trainings should provide complete knowledge and skills to the trainees within the stipulated time. Quality of training should be enhanced and refresher trainings should be planned regularly.

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