Dendrimer: a novel approach for drug delivery systems

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J. Karanjavkar
S. Rathod
A. Dhumal


Dendrimers are hyper-branched macromolecules having tree like structure, consisting of a core molecule and alternating layers of monomers. So they can be synthesized by divergent and convergent growth methods. During synthesis, properties of dendrimers like dendrimer size, molecular mass, surface group can be controlled and configured to the desired need. Dendrimers have the ability to encapsulate and bind the guest molecule can be used for solubility enhancement, sustained release and various drug delivery applications. The reflections on biomedical and industrial applications of dendrimers given in this report clearly demonstrate the potential the class of polymer architecture and indeed substantiate the high hopes for the future of dendrimers.

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Karanjavkar J, Rathod S, Dhumal A. Dendrimer: a novel approach for drug delivery systems. IJPBR [Internet]. 30Sep.2016 [cited 12Aug.2020];4(03):39-. Available from:
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