Fast dissolving tablets: a novel approach

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Md. Mubashshir Momin
Asish Dev


An oral route of drug administration is the most popular route of administration. It have wide
acceptance up to 50-60% of total dosage forms. Tablet is the most popular dosage forms
existing today because of its convenience of self administration, compactness and easy
manufacturing; however hand tremors, dysphasia in case of geriatric patients, the
underdeveloped muscular and nervous systems in young individuals and case of
uncooperative patients, the problem of swallowing is common phenomenon which leads to
poor patient compliance. Mouth dissolving tablets (FDT) or fast dissolving tablets; (FDT) has
emerged as alternative oral dosage forms. These are novel types of tablets that
disintegrate/dissolve/disperse in saliva within few seconds. Fast dissolving tablets (FDTs)
have received ever-increasing demand during the last decade, and the field has become a
rapidly growing area in the pharmaceutical industry. This article reviews the Need,
advantages, challenges, limitations, mechanism of superdisintegrants, various formulation
technologies (conventional and patented), marketed product of Fast dissolving tablets.

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