A Validated Ion Chromatography method for determination of Ammonium content in Omeprazole tablets

Swetha Parsha, Y Ravindra kumar, M Ravi chander


A simple, feasible, definite and strong Ion chromatography method was developed for the quantitative determination of ammonium content in Omeprazole tablets. The method was developed using Ion pac CS17 Column, 250 X 4.6mm X 5.0 µm column with mobile phase containing 1.5mM Methane sulfonic acid in water. The eluted compounds were monitored using conductivity detector. The unknown peak and ammonium peak were well separated with resolution more than 2.0. The developed method was validated as per Internatonal Conference on Harmonisation of technical Requirements for registration of pharmaceuticals for human use guidelines with respect to linearity (The high correlation coefficient >0.99),limit of detection, limit of quantification, exactness, precision and robustness. The Limit of detection, Limit of quantification values of Ammonium were 8ppm and 30ppm respectively.


Omeprazole,Validation, quantitative determination,IC.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30750/ijpbr.2.3.15


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