Quality control parameters of Gandhakadi Yoga tablets W. S. R. To its microscopic evaluation

Anjana Goswami, Rajagopala S, KS Patel, CR Harisha, PK Prajapati


Gandhakadi Yoga is a formulation suggested for Loha Sevanajanya Vikara Prashamana (Iron overload) in Ayurveda Prakasha and can be used as iron chelator which might help to decrease the iron overload. The present study was carried out to standardize the finished product Gandhakadi Yoga tablets for confirmation of its identity, quality and purity. Thus a trial was made to establish the Quality assessing parameters for Gandhakadi Yoga tablets by simple microscopic technique. The characters i.e. black debris of Gandhaka treated with Bhringaraja, light yellow brown content of Gandhaka, fragment of spongy parenchyma of Agastya leaf, oil globules and epicarp cells with tannin content of Vidanga etc. were the
characteristic features of the finished product


Gandhakadi Yoga,Quality control parameters,Spongy parenchyma.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30750/ijpbr.2.3.19


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