Pharmacognostical and phytochemical standardization of Baladi churna- A polyherbal formulation

Anjali Verma, LP Dei, SB Donga, Harisha CR, Sarvesh Kumar


Baladi Churna described by Acharya Bhavprkash in Vandhyatva (infertility). Endometrium dysfunction is the prime cause of Infertility among the world Baladi Churna is useful in patients especially having implantation failure due to defective endometrium, which is known as Kshetra deformity in Ayurveda. So a new pharmaceutical preparation Baladi churna was tried to standardize which is economical in terms of time and machinery usage. The present work was carried out to standardize the finished product of to confirm Baladi Churna entity, quality and purity. The presence of trichomes, spiral vessels, pollen grains were the characteristic features observed in the microscopy of the prepared drug. Phyto-chemical analysis showed Loss on drying 8.24% w/w, ash value 9 %w/w, water soluble extract 46.3 % w/w and pH 6.5. HPTLC of Baladi Churna is the preliminary quantitative analysis which shows 11 prominent spots in UV 254 nm and 10 prominent spots 366 nm. Baladi Churna, a polyherbal formulation of 6 ingredients was prepared and HPTLC finger print profile was developed and it can be considered pharmacopial standard of Baladi Churna.


Baladi Churna, Pharmacognocy, Phyto chemical analysis, Standardization.

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