Evaluation of Anti-inflammatory activity of Qurs-e-Mafasil Jadeed

M.M. Ansari, N.A. Khan


With an increased incidence of drug toxicity and resistance to allopathic drugs, plant drug
formulations could be an interesting alternative. Some plant drugs and phytochemicals are known to be anti-inflammatory properties, and can be of great significance in treatment of inflammatory disorders. These considerations require the scientific evaluation of the most important and commonly used traditional herbal formulations. A study has been done to find anti-inflammatory activity of Qurs-e-Mafasil Jadeed containing Colchicun luteum, Curcuma longa and gum of Acacia Arabica. In this proposed work 2 % aqueous suspension of qurs/tablet powder in gum acacia was used to determine its anti-inflammatory activity by carrageenin induced oedema test and cotton pellet induced granuloma test. Efficacy of this Unani formulation was compared with standard referent drug, Diclofenac sodium. The obtained results using carrageenin oedema test showed decrease in left hind paw volume significantly after 3 hours of carrageenin injection. In cotton pellet induced granuloma test, animals in all the test and standard drug tested groups, shows reduction in granuloma formation significantly. Thus, our results clearly indicate that this test formulation possesses significant anti-inflammatory activity in both acute and sub-acute phase.


Acacia Arabica,Anti-inflammatory,Colchicum luteum,Curcuma longa, Qurs-e-Mafasil Jadeed.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30750/ijpbr.2.2.6


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