In-vitro antidermatophytic activity of essential oil of Psidium guajava (Linn.).

Gaurav Bhushan, Santosh Kr Sharma, Saurabh Kumar, Rajat Tandon, AP Singh


Dermatophyte with the ability to digest keratine invade and therve on keratinized of human and animals. In the present study, the activity of essential oil of Psidium guajava (Linn.) was evaluated against four selected dermatophytes, namely Microsporiumcanis, Trichophytomruburum, T. verrucossum, T. tonsurans. Dermatophyteswere isolated with the infected skin, scalp, nail and genital organs of patients from districts hospital, Bareilly.Griseofulvin was used as a standard antifungal drug against the test dermatophytes. Oil was extracted through clevenger’s apparatus. Maximum inhibition zone was reported 69 mm against T. verrucossum followed by 60 mm Trichophytomruburum, 48 mm Trichophytomruburum and 45mm Microsporiumcanis. All five concentrations of oil showed excellent inhibitory effect against all test dermatophytes as compared to standard antifungal used.


Antidermatophytic,Essential oil, Psidium guajava,Griseofulvin, Inhibition zone.

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