Life style Factors Influencing BMI of Females In Ha’il Region

S B Fatima, S B Shamsuddeen, NEM Alshammari, FLH Alshammari, H.E.M AlShammary


Background: Published health promoting or health risk behaviors data in a young population is sparse for Saudi Arabia. Identifying health risk factors early in life and promoting primary prevention interventions among the youth is of utmost importance to move in a healthier direction Objectives: The aim of this study is to identify the socio-economic factors influencing BMI in female students in University of Hail. Methodology: A cross sectional survey was carried out to evaluate dietary behaviors in a random sample of 200 adolescent students, from UOH female campus during the winter semester. Self administered questionnaire for dietary behaviors was used for survey by following anonymity and privacy. Results: This study was conducted to measure BMI and determine the socioeconomic factors affecting the relative weight of young adult females living in the city of Ha’il, Saudi Arabia.A total of 200 female subjects (mean ± SD: age: 19.76 ± 1.98 years and BMI: 23.47 ± 5.58 kg/m2) participated in the present survey. 28.5 % percent of study sample were either overweight or obese. Age wise distribution indicates overweight and obesity significantly increases with age. Breakfast is frequently skipped in overweight and obese subjects while frequency of snacking less among them. Findings of the current study also suggest habit of frequent snacking behavior inverse association with BMI. The current study findings have
indicated no clear impact of physical activity on obesity prevalence.


BMI, Obesity,Body fatness,Skipping meals.

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