Formulation and Dissolution Study of Valsartan Immediate Release

B Brahmaiah, K Sasikanth, Sreekanth Nama, P Suresh, Patan Adam Khan


In the present study, design of oral immediate release tablets of Valsartan by direct compression technique was carried out. The main aim and objective of the work is to formulate immediate release tablets using different direct compression vehicles (DCV’S) in different ratios. The main motive is to compare the dissolution profile of these formulations and conclude the best formulation which release drug at a faster rate. To determine the best fit dissolution profile for the dosage forms. Valsartan tablets were formulated by using microcrystalline cellulose (diluents), potato starch, acacia (binder) and magnesium stearate (lubricant). The granules were compressed into tablets and were subjected to dissolution studies. The dissolution profile of the formulation F2 was found to have better dissolution rate compared to others. The In-vitro dissolution studies of all the formulations were conducted and the results were obtained, it was
concluded that formulation F2 was the best with fast release of drug compared to others.


Valsartan; direct compression vehicles (DCV’S); Acacia; MCC; Lactose; Sucrose; Fructose.

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