Microballoons: A better approach for gastro retention

Rakhi Negi, Laxmi Goswami, Preeti Kothiyal


The purpose of this review is to accumulate the recent study on floating drug delivery system with special emphasis on microballoons as drug delivery. Microballoons are emerging as the most promising drug delivery as it overcome many limitations of conventional drug delivery system. As microballoons delivery system provides longer retention in gastric pH, hence longer is the residence time and therefore enhance the solubility of drugs that are less soluble in high pH environment. The formation of cavity inside the microsphere depends upon the preparation temperature and the surface smoothness determines the floatability and the drug release rate of the microballoons. The review includes the classification, advantages, disadvantages, method of preparation and future aspects of microballoons. Basic anatomy and
physiology of stomach is also studied.


Gastric retention,Floating drug delivery,Microballoons,Solvent evaporation.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30750/ijpbr.2.2.17


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