Development of quality control parameters for the standardization of Leaves and bark of Sida acuta Burm.f

Alok Semwal, M Senthil Kumar


Sidha acuta Burm. f belonging to family Malvaceae is a terrestrial, erect shrub which is up to 155 cm
tall. The plant is native to Mexico, Central America and Himalayan region of India but has spread
throughout the tropics and subtropics. Sida acuta Burm. f is widely distributed in pantropical areas and
is widely used as traditional medicine in many cases. Among illnesses the plant is may be used alone or
in combinations with other plants to cure fever, skin diseases, snake bites, Hemorrhoids, impotency and
for boils and eye cataracts. Although the plant has been screened and suggested for various therapeutic
activities its photocomposition remained unrevealed because of very restricted amount of research work
carried out. Thus it was thought worthwhile to explore this endangered plant on the basis of various
standardization parameters. The present research work deals with the collection, identification,
extraction, pharmacognosical and phytochemical investigation of Leaves of Sidha acuta Burm. f.


Pharmacognosical Standardization Phytochemical

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