Preliminary Pharmacological Screening of Ethanolic Extract of Aristoochia indica on Nephrolithiasis Rat

B P Kumbhar, S C Burli, S S Mali, S D Dongare, P V Patrekar


The effect of ethanolic extract of Aristolochia indica was studied on experimentally induced
nepharolithatic and urolithuasis in rats. Oxalate urolithiasis was produced by the addition of
0.75% ethylene glycol in the diet for a period for 30 days. Ethylene glycol treatment resulted
in a significant increase in the levels of calcium and oxalate. Treatment of ethanolic extract of
Aristolochia indica 100mg/kg body weight for 30 days revealed a dose –related effect in the
reduction of lithogenic substances, following glycolic acid induced urolithiasis. Simultaneous
oral treatment with at a dose of ethanolic extract of Aristolochia indica 100mg/kg for 30 days
significantly reversed the ethylene glycol induced nepharolithiasis and urolithiasis.
Presumably by preventing the urinary supersaturation of lithogenic substances. Especially of
oxalate and calcium. These observation indicate that ethanolic extract of Aristolochia indica
can play an important role in the prevention of disorders associated with kidney stone


Ethylene glycol, calcium and oxalate crystals, urolithiasis, free radicals, Antiurolithiatic activity

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