Modified Approaches for Colon Specific Drug Delivery System: A Review

Ritesh Kumar, Amrish Chandra, Pawan Kumar Gautam


The colon is a site where both local and systemic delivery of drugs can take place. Local delivery allows topical
treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. However, treatment can be made effective if the drugs can be targeted
directly into the colon, thereby reducing the systemic side effects. This review mainly describes the primary
approaches for CDDS (Colon Specific Drug Delivery) namely prodrugs, pH and time dependent systems, and
microbially triggered systems, which achieved limited success and had limitations as compared with newer CDDS
namely pressure controlled colonic delivery capsules. Oral administration of different dosage forms is the most
commonly used method due to flexibility in design of dosage form and high patient acceptance, but the
gastrointestinal tract presents several formidable barriers to drug delivery. In oral colon-specific drug delivery
system, colon has a large amount of lymphoma tissue (facilitates direct absorption in to the blood), negligible brush
boarder membrane activity, and much less pancreatic enzymatic activity as compared with the small intestine.
Colon-specific drug delivery has gained increased importance not just for the delivery of the drugs for treatment of
local diseases associated with the colon but also for its potential for the delivery of proteins and therapeutic peptides.
Different approaches are designed based on prodrug formulation, pH-sensitivity, time-dependency (lag time),
microbial degradation and osmotic pressure etc to formulate the different dosage forms like tablets, capsules,
multiparticulates, microspheres, liposomes for colon targeting. The delivery of drugs to the colon has a number of
therapeutic implications in the field of drug delivery. In the recent times, the colon specific delivery systems are also
gaining importance not only for local drug delivery of drugs but also for the systemic delivery of protein and peptide
drugs. This review updated the research on different approaches formulation and evaluation of colon-specific drug


Colon, Drug delivery system, Microbial degradation, Osmotic Pressure, Prodrug.

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