Comparative pharmacognostical and pharmaceutical evaluation of Vyaghri haritaki avaleha - an ayurvedic formulation

Chaudhary Suhas A, K S Patel, V S Kori, S Rajagopala, C R Harisha, V J Shukla


Kasa is well-defined clinical condition in Brihadtrayi, clearly correlate with cough and its
pathophysiology exactly correlates with the mechanism of cough reflex in contemporary
medical science. Everywhere, Paediatric Outdoor Patients Department (OPD) has more than
half of the total patients having respiratory tract complaints. So, to treat the disease Kasa,
Vyaghri Haritaki Avaleha (VHA) was taken from Bhaishajya Ratnavali. The present work
was carried out to standardize the raw drugs and finished product-VHA with comparing API
standards and previous research work done in same institute to conform its identity, quality
and purity of the final product. The pharmacognostical work reveals that presence of
Epidermis, Cork, Pericycle, Phloem etc. from Kantakari; Lignified fibre, Stone cells etc. of
Haritaki; Aluerone grains, Prismatic crystals etc. of Shunthi observed microscopically.
Organoleptic features of VHA made out of the crude drugs were within the standard range.
The pH value of VHA was 4.5, Water soluble extract was 71.9 %w/w, Loss on drying was
30.41 %w/w, Reducing sugar was 27.92 %w/w and High Performance Thin Layer
Chromatography (HPTLC) at 254nm and 366nm resulted into 2 and 5 spots respectively


HPTLC,Pharmacognosy,Recurrent respiratory diseases,Vyaghri Haritaki Avaleha.

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