Pharmacognostic studies of the stem bark of Chloroxylon swietenia DC

Nilip Kanti Deb, Anoop Singh, Devendra Singh Rathore, Gouri Kumar Dash, Jhuma Deb


Chloroxylon swietenia DC. (Family: Rutaceae) is an important traditional medicinal plant used in the treatment of various ailments like fungal infection of skin, rheumatism, common
cold, cough, ophthalmic infection and cataract, wounds and as an astringent. However,
detailed scientific information is not available to identify the plant material, in order to
ascertain its quality and purity. In this paper, we report the pharmacognostic evaluation of the
bark for the purpose of its identification and differentiation from related species. The
macroscopy, microscopy, physicochemical parameters such as moisture content, ash values,
extractive values, fluorescence analysis and preliminary phytochemical analysis of the bark
were investigated. Transverse section of the bark shows presence of cork, cortex, medullary
rays, and stone cells. Presence of cork, stone cells, phloem fibres and parenchyma cells which
were also observed in the powdered sample of the bark. The result of preliminary
phytochemical screening indicated presence of alkaloids, steroids, carbohydrates, proteins,
phenolic compounds, tannins flavonoids and triterpenoids. The present study will be useful
for its identification prior to carrying out further research work. The findings of this study will
facilitate pharmacognostic standardization of the plant material and aid in the preparation of a
herbal monograph for the species.


Chloroxylon swietenia DC.,Macroscopy,Microscopy,Physicochemical parameters,Preliminary phytochemical analysis.

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