Quantitative reckoning of embelin from fruits of Embelia tsjeriam- cottam using water bath process as an alternate method of extraction

U C Basak, M Mohapatra


The world is culturally endowed with various forms of healing practices having rich medical
wisdom of immense importance. One of such pharmacognostically indispensable medicinal
plant is Embelia tsjeriam-cottam A. DC. The active principle of E. tsjeriam-cottam is
embelin, possessing a range of pharmacognostic activities including anti-cancer, antioxidant,
antiinflammation, antibacterial and analgesic effects. Embelin in fruits of E tsjeriam-cottam
was extracted using water bath method. For extraction of embelin from fruits of E. tsjeriamcottam,
methanol and chloroform were used as solvents. Fruits were collected from five
different agro-climatic zones of Odisha. Comparative estimation of embelin was done through
spectrophotometer and High Performance Liquid Chromatographic (HPLC) methods.
Samples extracted with chloroform and methanol showed embelin content in a range of 2.13-
0.29% dry wt., and 0.95-0.28% dry wt. respectively using spectrophotometer. In case of
HPLC analysis, samples extracted in chloroform and methanol showed embelin content in a
range of 1.86-0.27% dry wt., and 0.875-0.26% dry wt. respectively. However the water bath
method, used as alternative method for extraction, proved to be less time consuming, costeffective
in extracting a pretty good amount of embelin as compared to the conventional
(soxhlet) methods of extraction.


Embelia tsjeriam-cottam,Embelin,Water bath,High performance liquid ,chromatography,Spectrophotometer

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30750/ijpbr.3.3.4


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