Morphometric Approach towards Growth Performance of Mahseer (Tor tor) in River Narmada Near Hoshangabad (M.P)

R Badkur, A Parashar


During present study total 58 specimens of Mahseer (Tor tor) from River Narmada were
studied for morphometric and meristic characteristics. Interrelationship among the
morphometric and meristic characteristics were observed. The morphometric characters
showed a proportional positive growth with the increasing length of the fish. The regression
coefficient (b) of variable parameters (Y) on total length (X) showed that growth rate with
respect to total length was maximum in case of weight (b = 3.113) and lowest in mouth tip to
operculum top (b = 0.957).The correlation coefficient (r) was found positive for different
morphometric parameters with respect of total length. In case of morphometric parameters
proportional positive growth with increasing length of the fish was recorded during the
present study


Mahseer,River Narmada, Physocochemical conditions, Morphometic features and Growth performance

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