Study of lipid profile in hypertensive subjects

Anuradha K, Ranjana Mathur, Sadhna Sood


Aim : The present study was designed to investigate lipid profile in hypertensive subjects. Material and Method : The present study was carried out on 25 healthy controls and 25
hypertensive subjects of either sex and of varying age groups attending the Out Patient
Department of Medicine, Dr. S.N. Medical College and Associated group of hospitals,
Jodhpur. Results: The results obtained in this study showed that the results of TG ,Total
cholesterol ,HDL-c ,VLDL-c ,LDL-c were highly significant in patients compared with
control subjects .Conclusion: The present study indicates an increased TG ,Total cholesterol
,VLDL-c ,LDL-c and decreased HDL-c values in hypertensive subjects, which is due to many
factors like obesity ,age etc.


Hypertension ,Lipid profile, HDL-c,TG ,VLDL-c ,LDL-c

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