Direct multiple shoots proliferation of black night shade (Solanum nigrum l.) from shoot tip explants induced by thidiazuron

Ugandhar T., Sammaiah D, Ayodhya Ramulu Ch, Anitha Devi U., Balaraju P.


The present investigation was undertaken in Black Night Shade (Solanum nigrum L.) which is an
important medicinal plant. Direct multiple shoots proliferation was achieved from shoot tip. The
shoot tips were cultured on MS medium fortified with Thidiazuron (TDZ) (1.0-7.0 mg/L) for
multiple shoot induction. Multiple shoots proliferation was best observed at 3.0 mg/L TDZ from
the shoot tip explants within three weeks of culture. Shoot number per explant ranged between 2
and 10. Individual shoots were aseptically excised and sub cultured in the same media for shoot
elongation. The elongated shoots were transferred to Indole Acetic Acid/Indole Butyric Acid
(IAA/IBA) (0.5mg/L–2.0mg/L) for root induction. Rooting was observed within two weeks of
culture. Rooted plantlets were successfully hardened under culture conditions and subsequently
established in the field conditions. The recorded survival rate of the plants was 86%. Plants looked
healthy with no visually detectable phenotypic variations.


shoot tip; multiple shoots; rooting; hardening

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