In-vitro Antiurolithic activity of Kigelia africana fruit extracts

Asheesh Kumar Gupta, Preeti Kothiyal


The plant Kigelia africana (Lam.) Benth. Family: Bignoniaceae is used in
traditional medical practices of Africa and India to treat various diseases including renal
disorders. The present study is designed to evaluate the effect of K. africana fruit extract
(KAFE) for in-vitro anti-urolithic activity on generated calcium-oxalate crystals. Method:
The aqueous and alcoholic (ethanolic) extracts of fruits were tested for anti-urolithiatic
potential on generated calcium-oxalate crystals by homogenous precipitation method and
simultaneously a supporting two step vice-versa reactions were assessed (New method). The
activity was assessed by studying the crystal dissolution by microscopy and quantitative
alimental ions analysis for calcium and oxalates. Result: They exhibited significant activity
when compared to standard drug Cystone- a poly herbal formulation. The aqueous and
alcoholic extracts significantly decreased (p LESS THAN 0.001) crystal size and increased calcium and
oxalate concentration in reaction setup of all tested groups as compared to normal control.
Simultaneously a supporting two step vice-versa reaction was assessed that have shown
significant inhibition of crystal formation. Conclusion: All the interpretations of various
result outcomes direct the use of this drug for urolithiasis prophylaxis and treatments.


Kigelia africana, Antiurolithic,Calcium, Oxalate, Cystone.

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