Novel study in fast dissolving drug delivery system: a review

Sparsh Gupta, Rakesh Roshan Mali, Vashali Goel


Novel drug delivery systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated as pharmaceutical
scientists acquire a better understanding of the physicochemical and bio-chemical parameters
pertinent to their performance. Despite tremendous advancements in drug delivery, the oral
route remains the perfect route for the administration. Novel drug delivery system assists to
achieve better patient compliance. Fast dissolving tablets are one of them.FDT have benefits
such as accurate dosing, easy portability and manufacturing, good physical and chemical
stability and an ideal alternative for pediatric and geriatric patients. FDDT formulation
combines the advantage of both liquid and conventional tablet formulation while also offering
advantage over both traditional dosage forms. Some tablets are designed to dissolve in saliva
remarkably fast, within a few seconds, and are true fast- dissolving tablets. Others contain
agents to enhance the rate of tablet disintegration in the oral cavity, and are more
appropriately termed fast-disintegrating tablets, as they may take up to a minute to completely disintegrate.


Fast Dissolving Tablet, Improved Bioavailability, Mechanism of Disintegration, Novel Dosage Forms.

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