Studies on Some Pedological Indices, Nutrient Flux Pattern and Plant Distribution in Metropolitan Dumpsites in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Felix Ogbemudia, Emem Mbong


The physical and chemical properties of soils and plants distribution in metropolitan dumpsites in Uyo,Nigeria were studied. Soil samples were collected from two popular dumpsites and analysed using standard scientific procedures. The Results showed that there were slight desparities in the nutrient profile of these dumpsites. Generally, the nutrients levels were high and soil heavy metals concentration were found to be within permissible limits. This study also revealed the monospecific nature of dumpsite 1 and higher species presence corresponding with increased nutrient levels in dumpsite site 2. This study encourages the use of dumpsites soils for agricultural purpose(s) when the soil heavy metal falls within permissible range.


Dumpsites; pedology; soil; heavy metals; nutrients; physiochemical properties.

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