Isolation, Identification and quantitative analysis of Ellagic acid: a tannin compound from Helicteres isora

Ridhi Joshi, Ramraj Meena, Rishikesh Meena, Vidya Patni


Plant derived secondary metabolites have widely attracted humans with great interest due to their immense medicinal and pharmacological properties. Ellagic acid, a natural phenolic compound found in many fruits exhibits both antimutagenic and anticarcinogenic activity. Qualitative analysis of the plant samples of Helicteres isora showed the presence of ellagic acid in in vivo (stem bark) and in vitro (callus) samples. Presence of isolated ellagic acid was confirmed by superimposable IR spectra of isolated and authentic samples of ellagic acid. The ellagic acid was further identified and confirmed by using different techniques such as TLC (Rf 0.41), and HPLC (Rt =5.546 min) studies.


Ellagic acid;In vitro;Helicteres isora;Tannins;HPLC.

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