Preliminary Study of Hyphomycetes of Central India.

Arjun Shukla, Sunita Sharma, Shivani Rai


During the preliminary investigation of hyphomycetes from central India eight species of freshwater and freshwater-borne Hyphomycetes encountered in foam samples collected from the different streams and rivers. These fungi namely viz., Wiesneriomyces laurinus Kirk, Flabellospora multiradiata Nawawi, Isthmotricladia gombakiensis Nawawi, Triscelophorus acuminatus Nawawi, Flabellospora acuminata Descals and Webster, Sporidesmium leonense M.B. Ellis, Acrodictys globulosa Toth M.B. Ellis, and Acladium phoenicis Ramachar are being reported for the first time from central India. Brief notes and illustrations are also provided along with geographical distributions of these fungi in India.


Freshwater fungi,Central India,Hyphomycetes.

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