Formulation and Charcterization of Lake Color Obtained From Red Cabbage

Shivali Singla, Mukul Mathur, Chetan Singh Chauhan, Sachin Goyal, M. Junaid


Colorants are mainly used to impart a distinctive appearance to the pharmaceutical dosage
forms. The present study was carried out to develop aluminium lake color of a dye obtained from red cabbageusing different adsorbent (s) (Aluminium oxide or aluminium hydroxide or combination of both) in different ratio by simply mixing them to get dye adsorbed onto the surface of adsorbent.Batch Mode studies were carried out for 60 minutes. Aluminiumhydroxide at a concentration level of 30% w/v found to be the choice of adsorbent after optimization because maximum adsorption of dye from reaction mixture after 60 minutes and maximum % yield.After optimization of adsorbent the effect of pH and temperature also studied by formulating lake by varying these two parameters. It was observed that a higher temperature (50oC) and a slight acidic pH (6) favor the adsorption. The lake then characterized for various physicochemical properties like angle of repose, Carr’s index, hausner’s ratio, loss on drying, particle size and limit test for heavy metals. The lake was found to follow pseudo second order kinetics.


Red Cabbage,Lake color,Adsorption, AluminiumLake, pseudo second order.

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