Formulation and evaluation of Acyclovir microparticles for Ocular Delivery

Shekhar Singh, Anil Middha, Randhir Singh Dahiya


The objective of the present work was to formulate and evaluate microparticles of Acyclovir and produced sustained drug delivery for ocular delivery. In this 9 batches(A1-C3) of acyclovir microparticle was prepared with ethyl cellulose, PVA and other ingredients by solvent evaporation technique. The prepared microparticles were evaluated for different parameters i.e % Drug yield, % Drug entrapment, Surface morphology, Zeta potential and in-vitro drug release for 24hrs in phosphate buffer 7.4 and simulated tear fluid. The best batch was performed stability studies for 6 months. The research concluded that Acyclovir microparticles could be a alternative for conventional dosage formand other phytochemical in herbs.


Acyclovir, Microparticles, Ocular delivery.

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