Formulation and Evaluation of Ciprofloxacin Solid Dispersion Controlled Release Floating Capsules for Solubility Improvement

Gaurav Subhash Katore, S. J. Bidkar, G. Y. Dama


Solid dispersions in water soluble carriers have attracted considerable interests as a mean of
improving the dissolution rate and hence possibly bioavailability range of hydrophobic drugs.
The poor solubility of ciprofloxacin leads to poor dissolution and hence variation in
bioavailability. The purpose of present investigation was formulation and evaluation of
controlled release floating capsule of ciprofloxacin with improved solubility and dissolution
rate. In present study solid dispersion using various carriers like mannitol and lactose in
different ratios were prepared by solvent evaporation method. The prepared solid dispersions
were characterized for drug content, solubility and dissolution rate. The dissolution rate
substantially improved for ciprofloxacin from its solid dispersions compared with pure drug.
Dissolution rate increased with increase in carrier content. The dissolution rate was increased
3 folds with solid dispersions containing 1:4 of drug: lactose. The granules of ciprofloxacin
solid dispersion containing 1:4 of drug: lactose ratio was prepared by wet granulation method
using polymer such as ethyl cellulose and HPMC. The prepared granules were evaluated to
preformulation studies such as angle of repose (18.41-24.22), bulk density, tapped density,
compressibility index (11.31-12.75) and hausner’s ratio. All the parameters shows that the
granules having good flow properties. These granules had converted into the capsule forms.
Then the formulated capsules were taken to the evaluation studies such as weight variation,
release study, buoyancy and floating duration (more than 6 hrs.). We can conclude that all the
parameters were within the acceptable limits.


Ciprofloxacin, Controlled release floating capsule, Dissolution rate, Solubility improvement, Solvent evaporation, Solid dispersion, Solubility.

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