Assessment of fine motor integration using bruininks oseretsky test of motor proficiency, 2nd edition, in 5 to 15 years of school going children

Diksha Gondkar, Dhote Sanjivani, Tushar SPalekar, Mohammed Zaid Tai


Fine motor integration is the degree to which visual perception and finger hand movements
are well coordinated. Through integration of visual input and motor output motor tasks are
planned, monitored, adjusted and executed. The Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor
Proficiency, 2nd edition, is a pediatric test of fine motor and gross motor skills. It is an
individually administered test that uses goal directed activities to measure motor skills in
individuals ages 4 through 21. A study was conducted among 516 number of students from
English as well as Marathi medium schools. After assessing the fine motor integration in the
study population it was found that as the age increases the fine motor integration also
increases and it is more in male children than that of female children.


BOT-2, Children, Integration, Point score, Descriptive Category

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