Emulgel: Magnifying the application of topical drug delivery

Shailendra Kumar Sah, Ashutosh Badola, Bipin Kumar Nayak


Topical drug delivery is mostly culled for the local dermatological action, but recently the
new technologies are also enhancing its systemic effect. They are generally applied for the
purpose as antiseptics, antifungal agents, skin emollients, and protectants. The activity of
topical preparation confide in the various factors as drug solubility, its lipophilicity, contact
time to skin, its permeability. Many widely used topical agents like ointments, creams,
lotions, gel are associated with disadvantages like stability problems, stickiness and lesser
spreading coefficient, irritation, allergic reactions, poor permeability, poor absorption and
difficulty in absorption of large molecule, to rectify this the new concept of Emulgel has been
introduced with the main objective to deliver hydrophobic drug molecule. Emulgel is oil in
water or water in oil emulsion carrying drug to be incorporated in gel base to obtain gellified
emulsion. Emulgel shows the controlled and better release effect of drug by virtue of
combined effect of gel and emulsion with increased stability. Gel having various advantages
as non greasy and favors good patient compliance in field of cosmetology and dermatology but
are still limited to the deliver hydrophobic drugs. So the Emulgel comes to favour the
hydrophobic drugs to give the advantages of gel. Emulgels have several advantages in the
field of dermatology such as being thixotropic, greaseless, easily spreadable, easily
removable, emollient, nonstaining, long shelf life, bio-friendly, transparent and pleasing
appearance. Factors such as gelling agent, oil agent, emulsifiers influence the stability and
efficacy of emulgel. So emulgels can be the better semisolid preparation than other
conventional systems. At present the emulgel are being used for the delivery of analgesics,
anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-acne drugs and various cosmetic formulations with still
wide range to explore.


Emulgel, Topical drug delivery, Gelling agent, Emulsifying agent, Drug entry through skin.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30750/ijpbr.5.1.4


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