Preliminary morphological and anatomical study of Orthosiphon stamineus

Manaf Almatar, Zaidah Rahmat, Faezah Mohd Salleh


This study focuses on the characterization of morphological and anatomical traits of
Orthosiphon stamineus which belongs to the Lamiaceae family. Orthosiphon stamineus,
better known as “Misai Kucing” or “cats whiskers” by the locals, contained active phenolics
compounds such as flavanoids. Despite its wide usage as a medicinal plant, information
regarding Orthosiphon stamineus specific developmental stages is relatively scarce.
Furthermore, to date, no anatomical data of this plant is available. Therefore, this study aims
to systematically identify the developmental stages and its anatomy which may provide more
insight to its medical application. The result showed some distinct morphological and
anatomical characteristics. In the morphological study, it was observed that Orthosiphon
stamineus is a herbal shrub with well-developed creeping rootstock. The leaves are simple,
green, and arranged in opposite pairs. The stem is approximately 28 cm in height at the stage
(12 days). The flowers have long wispy stamens shaped with pale purple color. In anatomical
study, the cross sections of the stem for tow stage (32) and (62) days of this plant were
examined. All the detailed systematic study of this plant has not worked earlier.


Anatomy Orthosiphon stamineus Lamiaceae morphology

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