Biological Evaluation of 1, 2-bis (2, 4, 6-Trinitrophenyl) Hydrazine

D. M. Badgujar, M. B. Talawar, P. P. Mahulikar


1, 2-Bis (2, 4, 6-trinitrophenyl) hydrazine (3) and its precursor (2) were screened for
its antimicrobial properties, namely, antifungal activity against Aspergilus niger and
Alternaria aletrnata and antibacterial activity against Bacillus substalis and
Xanthomonas campstris at different concentrations (0.5 % and 1%). The
antimicrobial result exhibits the promising biological activity.


Acquired Immuno Difficeny Syndrome (AIDS), Cancer, Diseases Effects, Structure-activity relation-Ship (SAR)



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