Evaluation of Serum Adenosine Deaminase and Retinol in patients with Laryngeal Cancer

S. Sharma, P. B. Desai, R. B. Metgudmath


Laryngeal cancers account for 4% of all head and neck cancers in India. The disease process
has better prognosis if it is diagnosed early. In view of this the objective of the study was to
assess the reliability of serum enzyme marker adenosine deaminase and non-enzymatic antioxidant
retinol in laryngeal cancer patients as supportive parameters for diagnostic purpose.
Materials and methods:-25 clinically and histopathologically confirmed patients of laryngeal
cancer in age group of 45-65 years were included in the study and 25 healthy subjects with in
the same age group served as controls. Results:-The level of serum ADA was significantly
elevated in laryngeal cancer patients in comparison to controls whereas retinol levels were
significantly decreased. Conclusion: - Lipid per-oxidation as a result of cancer leads to
membrane damage and an increase in cytoplasmic ADA. It is also associated with a decrease
in levels of non-enzymatic antioxidant retinol. These biochemical parameters may be used as
supportive parameters for diagnostic purpose and may add further for prognostic information.
Further studies are required on a larger sample size to explore strategies by which normal
levels of anti-oxidant can be maintained by a retinol rich diet which may play a role in
reducing the morbidity and mortality due to cancer


Adenosine deaminase; Anti-oxidant; Laryngeal cancer; Retinol

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30750/ijpbr.1.4.6


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