Development and evaluation of nifidipine loaded tablet formulation for colon drug delivery

Renu Dinkar, Govind Mohan, Kumud Upadhyaya


Pulsatile release profile is characterized by a lag time followed by rapid and complete drug
release. Pulsatile drug delivery systems are classified into time-controlled and site-specific
delivery systems. The lag time is taken as the time of less than 10% drug release. The
objective of present study was to develop a pulsatile compression coated tablet. The system
was developed into two steps i.e. firstly core tablet was prepared containing Nifidipine;
secondly core tablet was coated with polymer blend of ethyl cellulose (water insoluble
polymer) and Eudragit L 100 (Enteric polymer). From the study it was concluded that the
formulation having a coating level of 50% w/w of core and weight ratio of ethyl cellulose to
Eudragit L 100 (20%) showed lesser release profile as compared to other formulation i.e.
52.83% in 12hrs. As we increase the weight ratio of ethyl cellulose to Eudragit L 100 better
entrapment of drug leading to controlled release of drug.


Pulsatile system, Enteric polymer, Entrapment, Lag time.

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