Ethnomedicinal plants of Jodhpur District, Rajasthan used in herbal and folk remedies

B.B.S. Kapoor, Swati Lakhera


The Jodhpur district a part of Thar Desert is very rich in medicinal plant wealth. The
medicinal plants of this region have great potential to be used in drug and pharmaceutical
industries. These herbal plants have been used by local people, tribal communities, vendors,
native doctors such as Ojhas, Bhagats Bhopas and experts of Ayurvedic fields since long time
in herbal and folk remedies. Kalbelia, Nats, Bhils, Raika, Bhopas, Banjara, Gadolia-Lohar,
Saharia and Meena communities of this district have a rich knowledge of plants based
traditional medicines. Ten ethnomedicinal plants like Cleome gynandra Linn., Clerodendrum
phlomidis Linn., Cassia angustifolia Vahl., Echinops echinatus Roxb., Leucas aspera (Willd.)
Spreng., Mimosa hamata Willd., Moringa oleifera Lamk., Pedalium murex Linn., Peganum
harmala Linn., Sida cordifolia Linn. have been selected for this research work. The present
investigation is aimed to create awareness about the ethnomedicinal value of the plants and
their uses to draw the attention of pharmacologists, phytochemists and pharmaceuticals.


Ethnomedicinal plants, Jodhpur district, Herbal and folk remedies.

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