In Silico Investigation of Rv Hypothetical Proteins of Virulent Strain Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv

Zahra M. Al-Khafaji


Tuberculosis is an universal health problem worldwide. In Iraq the problem is aggravated by
drug resistance. In Silico studies usually pave the way for more investigations of the real
problem .On the other hand Mycobacterium tuberculosis does not lend itself for deep wet lab
studies, therefore, In Silico studies must precede many aspects of experimental work. In Silico
studies were carried out using most virulent strain and a model of studies M. tuberculosis
H37Rv to investigate some of the hypothetical proteins which compromised about 39% of the
annotated proteins. The studied Rv hypothetical proteins were distributed among cellular
compartment fractions with high existence in the cytoplasmic fraction (about 67%). Major
function prediction of these proteins were found in cellular process section using different
approaches of predictions .However , some of these proteins were still await to be included in
the important databases such as COG and GO which concerned mainly with function


Hypothetical Rv proteins TB in Iraq In Silico studies COG GO

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