Atypical presentations of congenital cutaneous candidiasis- presenting a cohort of 8 cases

Regina Divya, Sumathi John, G. Wilson, Uma Ramachandran Wilson


Congenital cutaneous candidiasis is an extremely rare disorder that usually presents within
the first 6 days of life. We report 8 neonates who presented with generalized skin eruptions
within first 6 days of life, characterized by erythematous macules, papules, vesicles, bullae
and pustules. Candida albicans was demonstrated on direct KOH smear, fungal culture and
skin biopsy. The disease implies a congenital intrauterine infection and is different from
neonatal candidiasis, which manifests as thrush or diaper dermatitis.Although congenital
cutaneous candidiasis is a rare diagnosis and the predisposing factors like
prematurity,candidial infection in the mother are not obvious, a high index of suspicion is
required to diagnose the neonates with this condition and it is very evident that congenital
cutaneous candidiasis has got a good prognosis. This article apart from revealing the atypical
presentations of cutaneous congenital candidiasis, also emphasizes the need to screen all
pregnant women for vaginal candidiasis .


Vaginal candidiasis, Pregnant Women, Antibiotics.

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