Colon targeted drug delivery system: A review on current approaches

Altamash M. Qureshi, Munira Momin, Sudha Rathod, Asish Dev, Chaitrali Kute


The colon is the terminal part of the GIT which has gained as a potential site for delivery of
various novel therapeutic drugs i.e. peptides. Colon targeted drug delivery system (CDDS) is
an Promising tool for treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis,
crohn’s disease, colon cancer, amobebiasis by both systemic and topical delivery of dug. This
article review a detailed study about disease of colon, diagnosis of diseases of colon, anatomy
of colon, factors affecting drug absorption and different approaches of colon including some
current approaches like Pulsinicap system, Port system, Probiotic approach, Chronotropic
system, Colal-pred system, Enterion capsule Technology Muliparticulate system and some
past studies on colon drug delivery with evaluation method for site specific drug delivery to


Colon Drug delivery Review Drug delivery system

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