Probiotics in oral health – A new tool in pharmaceutical science

Reet Kamal, Parveen Dahiya, Mukesh Kumar, Vinod Tomar


Probiotics are dietary supplements containing potentially beneficial bacteria or yeasts. They
are administered in different quantities that allow for colon colonization. These products help
in stimulating health by promoting flora and also suppressing the pathologic colonization and
disease spread. Initially, probiotics were used for the management of intestinal tract problems.
But, nowadays its use has been proved in strengthening the immune system to combat
allergies, stress, exposure to toxic substances and other diseases. There are few studies that
reported anticariogenic effects of probiotics and their use in the treatment of periodontal
disease and halitosis. However, data is still sparse on the action and role of probiotics in the
oral cavity. More information is needed on the colonization of probiotics in the mouth and
their possible effect on and within oral biofilm. The present review tries to briefly outline the
potential role of probiotics in improving oral and dental health.


Probiotics, Prebiotics, Oral health.

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