Synthesis, Characterization and Pharmacological evaluation of some newer Benzothiazole derivatives

Suresh Choudhary, Naresh Kalra, G. Jeyabalan


The objective of the present work is to develop safer new chemical entities that show good anticonvulsant effects and antimicrobial actions. The current work describes the synthesis of Benzothiazole derivatives with encouraging anticonvulsant activity against MES and scPTZ tests with interesting pattern of antimicrobial effects. The synthesized Benzothiazole derivatives could be considered as lead molecule for the development of therapeutic agents. Many polycyclic and fused ring systems containing the thiazolenucleus(I) are well known. The most important is bicyclic system wherein the second ring benzene is fused to the 4,5 position of thiazole ring i.e. Benzothiazole.(II)


Benzothiazole, Anticonvulsant, Antimicrobial.

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