Review: Solid Dispersion Technique for Enhancement of Solubility of Poorly Soluble Drug

R. Bhaskar, Monika OLA, Ravindra M. Ghongade


Nearly 40% of novel drugs comes in pharmaceutical industries are showing poor capability of solubilization in water. Therefore enhancing the solubilization of such drugs in water to enhance their bioavailability be the major challenge to formulation scientists. So the preparation of solid dispersion from the drug which shows poor solubility in water with carriers having good water solubility has decrease the occurrence of such problems and increase dissolution. Hence solid dispersion found to be attention-grabbing method for solubility enhancing of drugs which showing poor solubility in water. This review, shows an overview on the different solid dispersion types, rationale, their advantages, limitations, manufacturing processes as well as its characterization methods.


Poorwater soluble drug, carrier, bioavailability, solid dispersion

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