A review on analytical method development, optimization and validation of combination of Azithromycin and benzoyl peroxide by RP-HPLC using design of experiment as per ICH guideline

Narendra Singh, Yogendra Singh, R. S. Bhadauria, Jeyabalan Govindasamy


Pharmaceutical analysis is one of the most challenging fields of analytical chemistry. Pharmaceutical analysts carry out the qualitative and quantitative control of APIs and drug products and also develop and validate appropriate methods. One of my main goals was to develop modern, rapid, precise and reproducible, but also cost-effective HPLC assay methods which are generally available and applicable for most users. The aim of this work was to develop LC methods for both compounds. The assay of erythromycin by LC offers several advantages, such as high specificity, the possibility of determining and quantifying impurities and degradation products, and improved accuracy. The developed methods were validated. My whole work containing following plan of work as Selection of drug, Review Literature, FITR of both drugs and Mixture, Preparation of standard solutions, Preparation of sample of pure drug in Standard solution, Method development by HPLC (as Selection of solvents to be used as diluents and mobile phase, Selection of wavelength, Selection of mobile phase and Selection of chromatographic conditions) Preparation of Mobile phase, Preparation of standard calibration curve combination of drug, Optimization of HPLC condition using box behnken design. Validation of analytical method following parameters as per ICH guidelines. (i). System suitability (ii). Linearity and range (iii). Specificity (iv).Accuracy and precision (v). Limits of detection (LOD) and Quantitation (LOQ). (vi). Selectivity and (vii).Robustness.


RP-HPLC, Method development and validation, Azithromycin and Benzoyl peroxide.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30750/ijpbr.6.2.9


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