Medicinal Plants Diversity in Muthathi Wild Life Sanctuary, Karnataka, India

S. Suresha, M. Jayashankar, A. K. Vinu


Muthathi is a dense and dry deciduous forest, which is the home of Cauvery Wild Life Sanctuary. In this study the outcome documentation of medicinal plants and its diversity uses in Muthathi Wild Life Sanctuary (MWLS) and inclusive forest is reported. Conventional medicines or traditional medicines are very important part of an Indian culture. Information related to different plants which are used by confined community in the treatment of many common diseases in the area was collected. Records on the use of medicinal plants are collected using structured interview of about local healers and thorough observations and conversations with local communities. The most frequent ailments described are anti-cancer, anti-diabetes, anti-inflammatory, peptic ulcer, jaundice, skin and urinary problems. This study presents new research determinations and perceptions on the search for new drugs based on local uses of medicinal plants.


Medicinal plants, Plants diversity, Medicinal uses and MWLS.

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