Development of new Nanocomposite by using bagasse dust and polyaniline for removal of heavy metal ions from Pharma industry effluent

Ajay Singh, Gurmeet Singh, Asheesh Kumar Gupta


Nanotechnology has given the opportunity to the researcher for developing new nano-composites in all field including, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, electronics and other fields. In this study agriculture waste material like bagasse dust has been combined with polyaniline to prepare new Nano composites. So formed Nano composite was characterised by using XRD, FTIR and SEM. SEM confirmed the Nanocomposite formation with size in the range of 100-130 nm. Such nanocomposites were used in the removal of dyes and heavy metals from industrial effluent. About 80-99% heavy metals could be removed through adsorption successfully.


Nano-composites,polyaniline, heavy metals,FT-IR, SEM

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