Development, Characterization and bioavailability enhancement of oral floating sustained release beads containing Indomethacin

Rajesh Kumar Sharma, Naresh Kalra, Jayesh Dwivedi, G. Jeyabalan, Gurpreet Singh


The purpose of this research was to prepare and evaluate floating gastroretentive beads of Indomethacin an Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent for increased drug bioavailability. Floating beads were prepared by dripping Method using different polymers in varying ratios. The formulations were optimized on the basis of floating ability and in-vitro drug release. The floating beads were evaluated for micromeritic properties, entrapment efficiency, as well as in-vitro buoyancy study and drug release. Indomethacin was estimated in the formulation by using UV/Visible spectrophotometer (Shimazdu UV-1800) at 321 nm. The floating beads shows drug entrapment efficiency, buoyancy and yield the 72.55%, 60.2 and 74.3%respectively. In vitro drug release study confirms formulation I4 was the best formulation as it releases 99.28 % of Indomethacin at the end of 24 hrs in controlled manner.


Floating drug delivery system, Gastro retentive, Indomethacin

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